Clear Binder, 1 Gallon

413,47 incl. BTW

Clear binder for 3D Printing products to use with CP-516 and ZP-150/151 3D Printing Powders. 1 Gallon (3.78L).

Our Clear Binder provides great strength and dimensional stability of your 3D printed models. It fully matches the OEM clear binder by 3D Systems and can be used as “plug-and-play” substitute for it.



he new CP-516 Clear Binder has been extensively tested to produce high quality 3D products. It’s alcohol free, it has anti-microbial and head cleaning additives. Our clear binder will double the service life of your print heads up to 2000ml per head.

Product Details:

Includes a 1 Gallon bottle of clear binder.

Tested With:

HP10, HP11 & HP57 Print Heads.

Shelf Life:

1 year.


This binder has been tested on Zcorp 450, 510, 650, 3D Systems ProJet 460, 660, 860 printers. You can refill the OEM cartridges using one of our cartridge fillers.

This binder can be mixed with the OEM binders.

You will need to clean the ink system of your printer really well before using our binder. The OEM binder by 3D Systems leaves residue in the tanks, ink lines and everything that touches it. This residue, if not removed, will be dissolved by our binder and taken to the print heads, which will result in their clogging. The best solution is to remove the tanks and wash them in a running water, in order to remove the sediment on the bottom. After that, re-install the tanks and run the Head Cleaner through the ink system with the disconnected print heads.