Color Binders 4 Pack

608,63 incl. BTW

Pack of four 1L color binders for 3D Printing to use with Zcorp and ProJet x60 machines.

These plug-and-play binders will produce accurate color which will match the original design in your source files. You will get true skin tones and balanced color gamut that matches the OEM color binders by 3D Systems.



Take your printing to the next level by fully customizing your 3D models. Explore new possibilities with many different color options, all at your fingertips with the 4 Multi-Color Pack. It has anti-microbial and head cleaning additives. Our binders will double the service life of your print headsup to 2000ml per head.

Each color also sold separately, and available in Cyan, MagentaYellowBlack and Clear.

This product is alcohol-free, and has a shelf life of over one year. It also works as an OEM binder.

Product Details:

4 Different Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black CP-316 color binder. Each bottle is 1 liter.

Tested with:

HP10, HP11 and HP57 Print Heads


This binder has been tested on a Zcorp 510 printer. Cartridges still can be refilled with this binder: the bag must be removed, filled with the binder and put back into the cartridge.